Coroner’s Pidgin

Cover Synopsis

‘The man and the woman carried the body cautiously up the stairs… Meanwhile, in the apartment above, Mr Albert Campion, who was in that particular state of ignorance wherein it is downright idiocy to be wise, was taking a warm bath.’

It is Mr Campion’s first moment of peace after three years of nameless service in the war. Catching his train is his only worry. But his peace is rudely interrupted by Lugg’s helpful disposal of the unknown woman foundd ead in the bed of Lord Carados on the eve of his wedding.

The machinations of a dotty dowager, the fate of a bottle of wine, a young widow in love and the affairs – public and private – of his lordship, Lugg’s feeling for his pig, treachery that threatens the nation and, of course, murder, all combine to keep Campion from his train and a vital meeting. But not for too long…

First published by William Heinemann Ltd 1945

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-016611-4

Cover art by Andrew Davidson


More Work For The Undertaker

Cover Synopsis

Will Albert Campion give up detection and turn respectable?

Perhaps… but after a series of coincidences, culminating in a letter from Lugg’s brother-in-law, Campion can no longer resist involvement in the eccentric Palinode household, where there have been two suspicious deaths. And if poisoning were not enough, there are also anonymous letters, sudden violence, a dying convict’s last words and a vanishing coffin. Meanwhile, the residents of Apron Street go about their nocturnal business… For Campion, finding the truth is a very dificult and dangerous undertaking.

First published by William Heinemann Ltd 1949

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-008777-X

Cover art by Andrew Davidson

Interesting Fact

The edition sited above was the first unabridged edition of what is considered Margery Allingham’s blackest comedy to be published by Penguin in over twnety years.

Death Of A Ghost

Cover Synopsis

How could a painting commit murder… ?

John Sebastian Lafcadio, R.A., ‘probably the greatest painter since Rembrandt’ (according to himself), is dead. But his influence is not.

He wanted lasting fame and he left instructions to his wife, Belle, for one painting to be exhibited every year after his death. Eight years later in Little Venice, a select group of friends and family gather to view the eighth painting.  They are treated instead to a murder. The lights go down, and a young man is stabbed to death.

Albert Campion is one of the guests, and in his deceptively calm way he gets to work onthe baffling case, with its long – suspiciously long – line-up of possible killers. Soon Campion finds himself having to fac his dearest enemy…

First published by William Heinemann Ltd 1934

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-008423-1

Cover art by Andrew Davidson

Dancers In Mourning

Cover Synopsis

Everyone fell under the spell of Jimmy Sutane, the charming and talented song-and-dance man.

Everyone, that is, except the spiteful practical joker who put a pin in his stick of grease-paint and pasted ‘Last Week’ over the ‘House Full’ notices. Nothing to deadly. But as soon as AlbertC ampion is called in to investigate, people begin to die, and there’s no shortage of suspects when the first victim’s death is so convenient for so many.

As the death toll rises and the tension mounts, Margery Allingham’s imperturbale detective loses his heart – and his customary detachment – when he falls violently in love with Jimmy sutane’s wife…

First published by William Heinemann Ltd 1937

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-008782-6

Cover art by Andrew Davidson

Hide My Eyes

Cover Synopsis

The path that a murderer takes to reach his victim is fraught with risk.

So whoever killed Matt Phillipson on that rainy night in London’s theatreland must ensure that he was not spotted. When Polly Tassie, owner of the museum of curiosities, is offered a ride home in a taxi, she does not realise she is being deliberately removed from the scene.

Inspector Luke and the deceptively sharp-eyed Mr Campion make a bizarre but accurate connection that leads them along a mysterious chain of clues: that the two old people huddled on a bus as the murderer went to work were not in fact witnesses, but waxworks…

‘The book’s great, gripping virtue is its Dickensian love for London, and its Dickensian gusto: they give an extra dimension to a splendid thriller’ – Spectator

First published by Chatto and Windus 1958

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-016615-7

Cover art by Andrew Davidson

Sweet Danger

Cover Synopsis

“That was the beauty of Campion; one never knew where he was going to turn up next – at the Third Levee or swinging from a chandelier…”
Here Albert Campion poses as the king of a tinpot Balkan state looking for his lost crown – an odd thing to do, even for Mr Campion, particularly as he is doing it in Mentone, at the Hotel Beauregard of all places. Guffy Randall is stolid, Nordic and logical, but his curiosity is aroused, and he cannot resist the temptation to join in the tantilising treasure hunt.

Sweet Danger is perfectly crafted, full of surprising twists and turns. What starts as a light-hearted, slightly crazy wild-goose chase becomes something much more dangerous, nasty and sinister.

First published by William Heinemann Ltd 1933

Penguin Edition – ISBN 0-14-008779-6

Cover art by Andrew Davidson